Sharing an application

Sharing an application How to share candidate applications with hiring managers and colleagues. 

Tazio gives you two ways to share candidate applications with colleagues, hiring managers or customers. 

Share an application

At the bottom of the application review screen, is a 'Candidate Viewer Link'.  You can send this link, along with the password below it, to allow a person to view that candidate's application. 

When they log in, they will see the candidate's information, any documents they have uploaded with that application and their answers.  Unlike registered users, they cannot, however, rate the candidate's answers or add comments. 

Share a shortlist

The second way to share applications is to create a shortlist. 

Let's say, for example, I'm recruiting for a Sales Executive role and I want to share a shortlist of the best candidates with my Sales Director, Sarah.  

Firstly, I create a group called 'Sales Roles'.  I then add my assessment to that group and get candidates to complete my assessment. Having reviewed all the candidates, I decide six candidates look suitable, so I change their status to 'Shortlisted' as this is one of the statuses visible to Viewers. 

I've added Sarah as a 'Viewer User' and added her to the 'Sales Role' group. Now when Sarah logs into Tazio, she will only see candidates that have completed an assessment in the 'Sales Roles' group, that has the 'Shortlisted' status. 

As a 'Viewer User', Sarah can see the candidate's answers, she can rate them and add comments. I can then see how Sarah has rated each candidate and read any comments or notes she has added.  

Note: You can create as many Groups and Statuses as you need to suit your workflows and way of working

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