Reviewing Candidate Applications

Reviewing Candidate Applications How to view and score your candidates  

To review a candidate's application go to your assessment. You will see the Summary assessment screen. To review your applications mouse over the Complete applications total or alternatively by viewing Applications on the other tab.

You will now be able to see all completed applications with thumbnails of each candidate.

You can review each candidate by clicking on their name.

The candidate application overview gives you a clear picture of how a candidate's assessment/interview compares with other candidates. 

The layout, see image below, appears when you first open a candidate from the candidate list or application list. 

We've split 'Overview' and 'Answers' into two tabs, to make it easier to see the information you're interested in with less need to scroll down.

Overview Tab

On the left of the 'Overview' tab is the basic information about that application, including the 'Assessment Title', 'Reference', 'Completed' date and 'Status'.  

The four boxes at the top display the candidate's 'Overall Score', 'Percentage Score', the 'Average Score' for that assessment and the 'Time to Complete'. 

The 'Overall Score' is the raw score for that candidate's application. This score is made up of the automatically scored questions and assessed scores to criteria for video and essay questions. 

Note: If you have more than one assessor scoring a candidate's application, the score displayed will be the average. 

The 'Percentage Score' is simply the candidate's raw score displayed as a percentage. The 'Average Score' is the average of all the candidates displayed as a percentage.

Important: For assessed applications, because a candidate has a zero score until they are reviewed and scored, the average score may appear misleading until all candidates have been assessed.

The 'Time to Complete' is the time taken from when the first question was viewed by the candidate until the last answer was submitted.

The two graphs display the candidate's score and the average score for the assessment. This allows you to quickly see how a candidate compares with the average for each criterion.

The 'Options' button lets you allow a candidate to completely or partially retake the assessment, to archive or delete that application. 

The 'Notes' button on the right of the screen allows you to add notes about that candidate's application. It will also display the number of notes previously added.

Answers Tab

The 'Answers' tab displays the individual answers to each question. This is where you can see candidates' video responses and answers to individual questions.

The 'Candidate Viewer Links' are also found at the bottom of this tab. 

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