Opening and reviewing applications

Opening and reviewing applications How to find and review candidate applications.

Opening applications

There are two ways to open a table of applications for review. 

Option 1

  • From the left-hand navigation, open 'Assessments' and click on either 'All Applications' or 'New Applications'. New applications have not yet been viewed by any user.

  • From the table of Applications, click on a candidate's name to open their application.

  • You can filter the Applications table by assessment, date of application, status, score and whether or not an application includes documents.

Option 2

  • From the left-hand navigation open ‘Assessments’ and click on all 'Assessments'.

  • Choose the assessment from the list. In the ‘Applications’ column you will see the number of ‘Completed Applications’ and in brackets, the number of ‘New Applications’ displayed.

  • Click on either number and a table of the applications completed for that assessment will be displayed.

  • Click on a candidate's name to open their application.

Reviewing applications

Displayed at the top of the application view are the 'Assessment Title', 'Score', 'Status' and 'Options' dropdown. Below the Assessment Title is the date and time the candidate completed the Assessment.

Below is a list of questions with the answer provided by the candidate, options for rating or scoring and adding comments for each question. 

If a question has been automatically scored, you will see the score the candidate awarded for each associated criterion. For video or essay questions, you will see a 1 to 5 slider for each criterion used to score with the question. 

Having watched the candidate's video or read their answer, you can select a rating from 1 to 5 for each criterion, for each question. Cumulative totals for each criterion are displayed at the top of the application view under 'Score'. 

Note: The cumulative totals are the average of the scores awarded by all reviewers. 

You can add comments on each question by clicking on the blue speech bubble. This will open a window for you to enter your comment. Click 'Save' and your comment will appear in the comments list. 

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