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New Multi-Language Support

New Multi-Language Support Details of changes to the admin platform following the introduction of multi-languages. 

As we continue to grow and expand globally, we're excited to introduce multi-language support for the Tazio admin portal. Initially, we have translated the platform into German, Spanish, French and Polish. 

We've used our best efforts to make the translations as accurate as possible. However, we recognise that some of the words and phrases used may not be correct in this context.

Therefore, if you are a native speaking of one of these languages, and feel an alternative word or phrase is more appropriate, please get in touch, and we'll make the change.

We intend to extend the number of languages over the coming months. However, if you would like us to include a translation for your language, get in touch, and we'll prioritise this for you. 

What's Changed? 

Logging In

The first thing you will notice is the new language selector on the login screen. 

Click on this to select from the dropdown list the language you want the admin portal to display. Once you've logged in, the system will use this language throughout. If you want to change the language, you need to log out and then select a new language. 

User Set-Up

When you create a new user, or edit an existing user, you now have the option of setting their default language. Once set, when they login to Tazio the language you select here will become their default language.

Users can still select an alternative language for the login screen if they prefer. 


You can now choose a default language for an assessment to use for all candidates. 

Where candidates are required to create an account or log in to complete an assessment, they will have the option to change the default language. However, for candidates that invited from within Tazio, they are automatically logged in, so won't have the option of changing the language. 

To select the default language for an assessment, under the Save and Publish section in the assessment builder, you will see a Language option. Select the language you want to use from the dropdown list and save the assessment.

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