New dashboard & candidate reminders (new)

New dashboard & candidate reminders (new) Latest updates from Tazio Emilia Cason

New Dashboard

The new dashboard now provides quick access to the most commonly used features of Tazio. Personalised user guides and your important account stats are now all in one place. 

Candidate Reminders

Occasionally, candidates will start an assessment, but for a number of reasons may not complete it at the first attempt. To encourage these candidates to finish your assessment, you can now set up an email reminder. 

In the 'Assessment Builder', you will now see a tab titled 'Prompt Email'. Simply complete the 'Email Subject' and 'Email Text' fields, including personalisation tags and check the 'Send prompt to complete' option. 

Tazio will now automatically send your email to any candidate that has started, but not completed your assessment, if they don't resume it within two days. 

Note: Click the 'Save as default' checkbox to save your settings for use in future assessments.

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