Glossary Definitions of the common terms used in Tazio


In Tazio an application is a candidate's completed assessment. 


The term Assessment is used in Tazio to mean any online assessment, questionnaire, survey, test, video interview or quiz you create. 


In Tazio a person that completes one of your assessments is called a Candidate. This could be someone applying for a job, an employee completing an employee engagement survey or annual appraisal.

You can access your candidate's details from the main navigation on the left-hand side of the screen in the admin portal.


Criterion is the term used for factors your assessment or test is designed to measure. These can include competencies, strengths, skills, behaviours, traits, attitudes or abilities. 


The term Media refer to animations images, audio or video clips uploaded to Tazio and used as part of an assessment.


A User is anyone set up with access to the Tazio admin platform. There are five different types of user in Tazio: 

  • Super Admin

  • Admin

  • Recruiter

  • Hiring Manager

  • Viewer

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