Creating a status

Creating a status How to create statuses to manage your candidates Jennifer Davies

Statuses are used to indicate and progress a Candidate's application through the Tazio assessment process. 

Note: A status applies to a Candidate's application, not the Candidate. 

There are four standard statuses: 

  • Created

  • Completed

  • Allow Retake

  • Failed

In addition to the standard statuses, Tazio enables you to create your own custom statuses. This helps you to manage the way candidates progress through your recruitment process more efficiently. 

Creating a status

Click the 'Cog' icon in the top toolbar and select 'Statuses' from the drop-down list to open the 'Manage Statuses' screen. Click on the 'Add Status' button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Give your status a unique name in the 'Status Title" input box. In the 'Visibility' drop-down select either 'Not visible to viewer users' or 'Visible to viewer users'. 

Note: If you select 'Not visible to viewer users' any candidate assigned to this status will be hidden from 'Viewer' users. 

To link your Status to an email, click on the 'Add Email' button.  You will then have the option to enter the 'Email Subject' and 'Email Body' for the email that is sent to candidates when they are assigned to that Status. 

You can use the Personalisation tags in your email to include the candidate's first name, surname, assessment title and assessment link. For scored assessments, you can also include the candidate's score. 

Note: The Assessment link in Personalisation tags allows the candidate to log in and see their answers including any recorded videos just as the recruiter or hiring manager would see them. 

Finally, click the 'Save' button to save your new Status. 

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