Assessments are missing

Assessments are missing Can't find an assessment?

I can't see an Assessment 

The most common cause of missing Assessments or Candidates is because you don't have access to the Group the Assessment and Candidates are in. 

When you create an Assessment you need to save it in a Group. If you're not using Groups, your Assessments, and any Candidates that complete that Assessment, will be in the Global Group. 

Contact your Tazio Administrator to ensure you have access to the appropriate Groups, 

To add or remove a user from a Group, click on the 'Cog' icon in the top toolbar and select 'Users' from the drop-down list. In the User table, click on 'Options' and 'Edit' to open the Users details.

In the 'User's Group' list, are the Groups the User has access to. You can add Group from the 'Available Groups' list by selecting a Group and clicking the 'Add' button.

The Assessment's been archived

If an Assessment does not appear in the table of All Assessments, check it hasn't been 'Archived'. Click on the 'Show Archived' switch at the top of the table to show archived Assessments.

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